Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Danny Nightingale - Just one of the many victims of Britain's War on Guns

Government lawyer takes just 40 MINUTES to dismiss Defence Secretary's call for urgent review of SAS soldier jailed for keeping Iraq pistol

The root of the problem here is the five year mandatory sentence for prohibited firearm possession. Nothing is going to change by focusing on a single case. Any 'exceptional circumstance' sentence is still going to reflect the draconian mandatory one.

The Daily Mail and The Sun have no reason to brand themselves as campaigners against his sentence and should instead be rejoicing at this injustice. It was after all they in part who were originally demanding for this type of punishment to be inflicted upon those illegally in possession of firearms.

71 year old licensed gun owner jailed for five years for owning a few technically illegal guns.

Grandmother jailed for five years for having father's 80 year old pistol

Man jailed for three years for having forgotten pistol in storage:

Man faced five years and dragged through court for handing in abandoned shotgun:

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