Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tim Larkin to expose hypocrite UK government

Self Defence instructor Tim Larkin will expose UK ministers as the hypocrites they are by suing them for the decision to have him banned from the UK, despite their attempts to shroud themselves in 'tough on crime' rhetoric and promises of introducing empty gimmicks.

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Bash a burglar’ ministers sued by self-defence expert: Ministers face embarrassment for encouraging householders to fight back against burglars, as they are being sued by a self-defence expert who has been banned from Britain.
Interesting developments in my legal battle to overturn the UK Home Secretary’s travel ban against me.
Seems the UK Prime Minister agrees with me about UK citizens being able to protect themselves from predators doing grievous bodily harm.
Now… if there was just a way he could get his Home Secretary to understand this we’d be well on our way to settling things over there.
And in the process letting the folks in the UK make their own decisions about how they choose to protect themselves from thugs on the streets.
Stay tuned.