Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Prominent stabbings highlight need for effective self-defence

A number of prominent stabbings over Christmas has ignited concerns and fueled debate on the subject of knife related crime. Victims from across the UK include Seydou Diarrassouba, Gaynor McGlyn, John Lee Barrett, Gillian Woodward, Joshua Green,Chris Bergin, Catherine Wynter, Scott Cooke, Bronius Juras, Walter Keeling Kirsty Treloar and Martin Rusling.

The usual calls for the government to 'tackle' and 'send a message' to offenders have been strongly promoted by the media. The truth that is so often ignored is that legislative action such as harsher sentencing regarding weapons related offenses will not dissuade those who are willing to commit murder from carrying and using them. The only thing that would dissuade an attacker during the course of an attack would be if the victim were to have been armed and ready to defend him or herself, something the government has made impossible to legally do.

Those in favour of self-defence rights need to send a message to the government demanding that weapon legislation should consider the legitimate need for such items for self-defence. Make sure to write to your MP and sign our petitions below.

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