Monday, November 7, 2011

More draconian sentencing

Antique firearms collector with more than 140 guns is jailed for two years for owning four air rifles without licence

Yet another example of a trivial paper work offence being treated as though it were a serious violent crime.


71 year old licensed gun owner jailed for five years for owning a few technically illegal guns

Grandmother jailed for five years for having father's 80 year old pistol

Man jailed for three years for having forgotten pistol in storage

Collector jailed for five years for having a WWII Luger and antique revolver among many deactivated pieces of weaponry

Five years for simply owning a pistol

Man faced five years and dragged through court for handing in abandoned shotgun

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  1. At least the comments seem to be behind this man. Daily Mail readers are usually all in favour of stuff being banned and regulated. I get the idea that many folk are getting sick of it now.